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The Father Series E-course is like getting years worth of breakthrough from working with a counselor.  We put all the thought provoking questions and homework we’ve given our clients into this workbook along with practical wisdom on how to walk through the healing process. It’s filled with inspiring stories, hope and restoration. 


This course is not just for people who have pain with their father. It’s for anyone who wants to be more connected to themselves, the people around them, and Father God. If you are ready to experience love and break the negative cycles in your life, The Father Series will lead you on the journey.


12 part audio e-course

  1. The Importance of Dialoguing About Fathers
  2. The Attributes of a Healthy Father
  3. The Effects of Fathers on Their Daughters
  4. The Effects of Fathers on Their Sons
  5. Finding Wholeness After Being Hurt: Special Guest Paul Young
  6. Confronting our Fathers: Hope for Healing and Connection
  7. Laying to Rest Our Father Wounds
  8. Stories of Good Fathers
  9. Bonus Episode: Returning To Childlikeness
  10. Father God
  11. Compassion for Father’s
  12. Moving Forward: Steps to Forgiveness
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Join Justin, Abi, and Blair

as they share their personal stories of pain and their journeys of redemptive healing. This funny, vulnerable, and emotionally intelligent series will begin to answer many of life’s deeper questions. It will guide you through restoration in the way you view men, father-figures, and ultimately yourself.


Justin Stumvoll

Justin is a nationally sought-after speaker and life consultant. He has spent over a decade facilitating emotional healing in the lives of thousands of individuals and training others to do the same. His dream is to redefine love in practical and empowering ways. His hope is that this love would restore and redeem marriages, families and all the broken hearted. Justin is also the author of The Tree of Life and the co-host of The Liberation Project, an international podcast focused on healing the masculine soul.

Abi Stumvoll

When Abi was 12 years old she prayed, “If you can teach me how to love myself, I will change the world." This simple prayer ignited her adventure of uncovering the power of love. Throughout her journey she has seen love conquer the fear and torment that once seemed impossible to overcome. She and her husband, Justin (aka her favorite human), run a life consulting business where they meet with clients and train others to do the same. She travels the world speaking and teaching others how to encounter unconditional love and live fully alive.

Blair Reynolds

Blair Reynolds is a business and life consultant with nearly ten years of experience. He specializes in assisting individuals in removing emotional blocks, getting unstuck, and helping them step into a life they love. Blair is the co-host of The Liberation Project, and founder of LifeConsultingCourse.com & BusinessConsultingCourse.com  He’s a public speaker who passionately shares strategies for infusing emotional health into churches and businesses.