About the Father SEries


The Father Series E-course is like taking a year of counseling and putting it in one place where people can dig in at their own pace. It’s full of love, hope, healing, and restoration. It’s got killer questions, moving stories, and gives so much practical "how to walk healing out" wisdom.


This e-course is not just for people who have pain with their father. It’s for anyone that wants to be more connected to themselves, the people around them, and God. It’s for people who want to break negative cycles and live with less fear and shame. It will help you feel and connect to the Father heart of God and will help you let go of orphan and poverty mindsets.


Join Justin, Abi, and Blair as they share their personal stories of pain and the journey of redemptive healing. This funny, vulnerable, and emotionally intelligent series will begin to answer many of life’s deeper questions. It will guide you through restoration in the way you view men, father-figures, and ultimately yourself.


This 12 part audio e-course includes:


1.     Introduction: The Importance of Dialoguing About Fathers

2.     The Attributes of a Healthy Father

3.     The Effects of Fathers on Their Daughters

4.     The Effects of Fathers on Their Sons

5.     Finding Wholeness After Being Hurt: Special Guest Paul Young

6.     Confronting our Fathers: Hope for Healing and Connection

7.     Laying to Rest Our Father Wounds

8.     Stories of Good Fathers

9.     Bonus Episode: Returning To Childlikeness

10.  Father God

11.  Compassion for Father’s

12.  Moving Forward: Steps to Forgiveness